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Iron Curtain

is now on the PCG Store tonight, a VERY VERY limited supply. First come first serve. I am hoping to have it in stock soon full time. This is a very different product to make and sell. Much more than lure or some fish oil. I hope to have the whole system to stock Iron Curtain up and running soon. So if you want to get some, I would advise that you go right now and order a bottle or two. Limit two per listener. If you try and cheat on this, I will refund your money.  This is to be fair too as many Trapping Radio Listeners as I can. The cost is 19.99, this will allow you to turn soil (sifted and bone dry) into a trapping soil that acts like waxed dirt, but much cheaper per volume than buying wax dirt. Enjoy!

On the show tonight I explain how to use the Iron Curtain in detail, show 176



coyote trapping podcast








The Business course

If you are going to take this course, it is time to send in payment to get on the final course student list. This will be a limited class in number. The cost is $299.00. The ONLY way to pay for the class is a Postal System Money order (USPS) for $299.00 Make it out to Clint Locklear only. I know this is not as easy as a credit card or check, but I have a reason that I will explain to you once the course starts. Please follow the instructions on payments, only send a postal money order, not any bank money order.

When you send this, please write in the letter, your name, phone numbers, address and email. I will need to be able to read this, so please write clearly. I will also need a short paragraph on what you are looking to learn so I can make sure everyone is happy with the course. The course will start after the first of the year once the holidays are over.

You will be getting your personal user name and password once I personally upload it into the system. You will also get the web address to reach the course through email.

In a few weeks I will have a free business plan that anyone can do to pay for the course with about zero money invested. I am personally doing this and it is like getting paid $5 to $39 for every dirt hole you dig.

So if your wanting learn everything I know about business, you will enjoy this course!



Clint Locklear


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