TRAPPING TV is live, see what we are up too! how to trap catch coyotes


We are live on out first Trapping TV show. You will see Norm Blackwell showing in detail setting a trap for coyotes with one of his killer flat sets. Clint Locklear talking about picking a great coyote location so you catch as many coyotes as you can. Mike Kemble and Scott Adams Talk to a land owner about what the coyotes, bobcats and raccoon are doing to his deer herd and turkey plus his quail population. Then they are setting up their line and catch a nice red fox. Brandon Johnson is also setting up a coyote line on one of our predator control jobs. We will have 13 shows this year. The first two shows are a week apart and then they will be every other week for the reason of the Trapping TV season. As you will see when Predator Control Group shows up at a job, the coyotes, fox, bobcats, raccoon, otter and beaver are on notice. We are hired to save fawns, turkey and quail, not play games. Enjoy!

Trapping TV show 1


  1. That was a GREAT first episode. I’m really looking forward to this. An excellent balance of trapping info for trappers and game management/why trapping is needed info for non trappers.

    Be sure to tell Scott that if he really wants to be successful at road trapping possums he’s in the wrong state. It’s the national pastime over in Mississippi. Only low brow folks in Alabama road trap possums. 🙂 Of course, in Mississippi, theft is a real concern in regards to possums!

    Congratulations on a first class effort that is a game changer in regards to trapping.

  2. So is Trapping T.V. always going to be mixed in with the Trapping Radio shows or is there going to be a separate site?

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