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This Week on Trapping Across America we are looking at how we are trained to think as adults and why this way of thinking can hurt your trapping. Most of us want to do what we are told to think. Like where is the right place to put a trap at a coyote set? Where does the trap go on a raccoon set out on the water or a pocket set? You have a trap placement in mind, but why, where did you get your ideas from? have you challenged these ideas.

Most trapping is done with the grown up adult way of thinking. Sounds right, but this way of thinking does not leave a lot of room for discovering the things out on your own trap line. Kids discover for the sake of discovery, you want to be a better trapper, you should really be open to discovery. You might find that little kid that has to ask why and why not. Discovery is the key to find better and faster ways to trap. I will be talking about something that I have been playing around, ….the Portable Pocket. It has opened my eyes.

We are also having our first ….Rumor Monger Award, and that goes to Forrest London.

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  1. “We’re not taught to think” – This is so true. While George Carlin was a liberal and I certainly don’t agree with everything he had to say, the following clip is dead on (language warning) People need to watch it and let it sink in.

    “That Farmer is stealing from other Americans” – absolutely right. Getting paid to not grow food is insanity. I re read The Constitution and couldn’t find that anywhere in it.

    “If you have children in public schools you are stealing from other Americans” – absolutely right. My son is in private school. I pay his tuition plus the public school cost of everyone else’s kids. I pay for their free breakfast, their free lunch and their after school care. I pay for their transportation to and from school. I pay for their books, for their football uniforms and for their hotel bills when they travel to play football. Our local school system has decided that every kid needs a Kindle Nook and an IPad. I will pay for those as well.

    People love to complain about the welfare cheats and the EBT saggy pants crowd – but they have to realize that America has become a nation of ripoff artists with everyone looking for an “angle”. Everyone is looking for the scam. Corporations buy politicians to get tax breaks. Bankers print money out of thin air and invest in an artificially pumped up stock market; if hedge funds make huge profits they pocket the profits but if they lose money they holler for a bailout. Government workers want to do as little work as possible and then collect a lifetime pension.

    This nation has a morality crisis and that crisis is not limited to the ghetto. It infests Wall Street, Main Street and Martin Luther King Jr Blvd equally. Every class is looking for the free ride; for the scam.

    We keep electing the same red team/blue team traitors over and over because we’ve been taught to think that the other team is worse than our team – when the truth is both teams suck.

    Hell Yes on the Libertarian vote. I can remember Ronald Reagan, and although not perfect, he was a damn fine man. The so called Republicans today couldn’t hold a candle to him and his principles. Most Republicans today are little more than Democrat Lite whores that are desperately trying to hold onto their power, privilege and perks – the Constitution be damned.

    Clint Locklear for President!

    Quit Puttin’ In Dirtholes!! So simple, yet so ignored.

    Finally – To Hell with Forrest London. He’s nothing but a shit ass Yankee. Period.

    This was the single best show you’ve ever done Clint. Well done Sir.


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