Trapping Radio – 94 – schizophrenic, socialist thinking and bitter trappers plus road trapping with Jeff Dunlap


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This week on Trapping Across America we have the one and only Jeff Dunlap with us. We are talking about the internet, the bad side and the good side of how it is part of trapping today. The bottom line, we as trappers can and should use social media platforms and forums to help each other, not attack and demean other trappers. We have PETA for that already. If you do not want your wife, mom or grandmother to see your ranting, maybe some thought should be put into your post before you hit enter. Next I get to talk to Jeff about his trapping and road trapping in Louisiana.

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Note from Clint….we are not calling any trapper schizophrenic, a socialist or bitter. We are talking about the thought process that comes across on-line. We are not talking about ……a single person or a single trapper. So don’t jump to a conclusion that is not based off of facts.

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  1. You were trying to remember Lee Ermey or better known as GySgt. Hartman. As a former Marine I will never forget his name. I had the pleasure of meeting him once, absolutely one of the nicest men I have ever met. Loves the Corps and fellow Marines with everything he has got. Also he is the only Marine to ever get promoted in retirement, because of everything he does to promote the Marine Corps. Just a fun fact I thought you might like. Not sure he would be that nice to a doggy, Marines rule ooooRah.

  2. Good show…I too, despise the negativity that seems to pop up on almost any thread, regardless of the topic. Two things ive always remembered from my grandmother,
    1. If you dont have something nice to say….dont say anything at all
    2. A still toungue makes a wise head! keep your mouth shut and you may learn something!

    Good luck in LA Jeff. Hope you nail 100 and then some. You get anywhere close to 100 and I’ll be hitting you up for a fat donation for our State convention!!! LOL

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