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This week on Trapping Across America we are looking into several snaring and trapping topics. First will look into the real world of snaring coyotes, bobcats and fox around deer and cattle. The trappers has to use his or her head when setting steel snares. There are some ways a trapper can catch the coyotes and bobcats and guide deer out of getting into trouble. Then we will look into a neat trappers tip for body grip trap triggers. If the animal can see the trap triggers, this simple tip will mean you have more fur at the end of the season. Then we will look into the internet, social capital that trappers has to understand to get traction on the internet.



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“It is up to you, your choice. Be creative, think for yourself, live outside the box, stomp on the status quo! If you choose to not design your life, you will live a life that is designed for you by someone who does not have your best interest in mind. Real men do NOT follow, they lead, period! Your life, your trap line, your thoughts are yours, remember the faces of your fathers you are a FREE MEN, remember this, more importantly act like it and trap like it!”


Clint Locklear

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