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how to trap catch minktradio radio 119

Sorry guys,  I’m down with Chip in MS, the big pan guy from expand-a-pan. Which means I’m not on a computer,  but my phone. So I will not have all the text or photo’s till Monday? I will also have the podcast file in our normal format for you trappers that like to download the show. Enjoy!

Ok Its thursday and I don’t have the other text up. Sorry, but should tonight. Super busy.

Here is a link to get ahold of Drew



  1. Clint,
    Whatever you did to the audio player, you should keep it this way. I discovered this website back in June, and for about 2 weeks was able to listen to your podcasts through my phone while i drove to and from work. then the audio player changed and i was forced to burn copies of the podcasts to listen too. Today was a big surprise when i was able to play this ‘cast through my phone and onto my bluetooth speaker in my shower.

    Other than that, I am a big fan of the information you are putting out and cant wait to hit the trails this fall.


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