Trapping Radio – 110 – Best places to set coyote traps, with coyote trap, snare locations and fur prices


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 This week on Trapping radio we cover one method that allows a coyote trapper to trap and catch more coyote per farm, ranch or even per mile. Coyote location is the big part of trapping coyotes with results. Coyote locations are not a static place in the wood or on a farm. A coyote location needs to be on a coyote travel way. This only makes sense Right? Sure it does. What a good coyote trapper has to learn is to make sure the …….coyote location is on a… coyote travel way. This is very different from slamming in traps on every road intersection you come across on your trap line.

We also look at the fur market. The last North America Fur Auction was weak. No that is not right, it sucked for a lot of trappers and some fur prices were lower than most of us thought. Lets look at this from a trappers mindset that can still make money from his or her trapping.

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