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This week on Trapping Across America we are looking at the down and dirty reality of  out-of-state trapping. What it is like, what you should know and what are some of the mistake trappers make. Out of state trapping is fun and exciting, but no matter how fun it is, reality has a way of creeping into the trip.

Clint Locklear trapping how to

Then we look at the Freedom Brand FB1 and FB2 dog proof traps. The FB1 is not like a normal dog proof trap and so trappers are not getting the performance they are hearing about. So I go into my experience with them. How to tune them for really high performance. The Freedom Brand FB1 dog proof trap is  like a race car, you don’t tune it and perform maintenance on it and the production slows down. Then we talk about the new FB2 Freedom Brand dog proof trap. We have been able to use them trapping raccoon, so what are our thoughts.

I am being asked questions from Norm Blackwell on our Texas trapping trip. I should be able to be back on track with a normal show schedule since I’m just back from Texas. Hope every one had a great trapping season.

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 CAT COLLECTOR is a three part bobcat lure. There is a exotic food base, two powerful musks and a strange odor that stops cats in their tracks. What is better than stopping a cat, is a lure that they have to get close too, real close too. This lure has amazed me on the test line and trap line. If you want or need to catch a lot of cats, you can not go wrong with Cat Collector. What was surprising. is how it took coyote after coyote. What makes this different, is our cat sets are blocked hard, feathers and a large flag. Coyotes do not like these trap set factors, but they just could not seem to help themselves. The coyotes had to get to this lure no matter what.  I have had a lot of coyote trappers use Cat Collector for their dedicated coyote lure on both dirt hole sets and flat sets. Not only that, there have been several trappers that are hammering fisher, martin and big bore raccoons with this lure. This is not your normal skunk, castor or cat nip bobcat lure, Cat Collector is in a class all by itself, first class!

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