Trapping Radio -100 – Why trappers need to have a business or run a trapping business, part 2


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This week on Trapping Radio we are going into the second part of this concept of why you need a business, run trapping business or build your life for more freedom in your trapping and personal life. I bounce all over the place on this topic, my goal is to get you to think about what the purpose is, if you take control of your income. The kind of business we are discussing is building revenue streams, not the one big monster business most guys think about, but find to big a mountain to climb.


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  1. Thank you for having these types of discussions. Mike

  2. I have to tell you Clint that was a hard hitting, no holds barred show. It’s sad that most people will tune it out, but there are those of us that are not only listening – but acting on it.

    You are planting seeds, and seeds grow over time.

    I started my own website and made a video to turn preppers into trappers. It produces a small amount of income, but it is steady.

    My wife started selling things that she sews, and she has started exhibiting at various shows. She has opened her own internet store to sell her goods.

    While the dollar amounts we make from this are low for now, the bottom line is that we have learned that the concepts work, and we are both in the process of expanding our offerings.

    We both owe you a debt. Thanks and have a great trip to Texas, and don’t forget – if you need a place to crash along the way just let me know.

  3. Another great show Clint. Salatin is the one I give credit for inspiring me to follow my dreams in farming. I have modeled my plans after his successful farm. I say, that if you want to do something as a business you should study the ones who do it FOR A LIVING and not take advice from Bubba your cousin who is always broke. This mindset has allowed me to purchase my own small property, quit, my job and will be farming full time this Summer. It also gives me the opportunity to trap full time this Winter. I also plan to custom finish fur too. I feel like any person who is interested in trapping can get started putting up fur for almost zero up front investment. Astounding opportunities out there if you let your paradigm shift. Things don’t work like they used to anymore. Keep fighting the good fight man.

  4. Sitting in the office today listening to this show. I am in my journey of ending this employee mentality. Wanted to thank you for doing these types of shows. They are a great inspiration.

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