Trapping Radio – 99 – Why you should make your trapping into a real business, part one


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This Week on Trapping Radio we are going to look at why you need to turn your trapping into a real business. Having a business gives you a massive advantage over a trapper that has to pay all of his trapping expenses with after tax income. You might be surprised to find out that you may have $5,000 to $ 50,000 of tax-free money you can’t take advantage of if you treating your trapping like a business. We will look into what the government is planning on doing and if you are not covering your back side.  You might find yourself working for years to pay off a IRS bill. Don’t be this guy. The rules for money are set up for a business, not a hobby. Our world is changing, so get into the game of being a profitable trapper.

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  1. This is a GREAT episode Clint. I hope people understand what a tremendous resource this information is and they appreciate that you are educating people for free.

    Feral Libertarian: Take over the world and leave everybody alone – Dude – you need to copyright that or else I will!

    You are ABSOLUTELY right as to what is coming. We lost our country and the chickens ARE coming home to roost. The government will squeeze tighter and tighter. They will demand total and complete control.

    I would urge every trapper to start eating their catch like I do. I call myself The MeatTrapper because I can live without a fur check – but I can’t live without food.

    If a trapper eats his catch then he doesn’t have to earn the income (and get taxed on it) to buy that food. He also doesn’t have to buy that food at the store (and pay sales tax again). By feeding himself from his catch, he legally avoids feeding the system. It starves the system of tax revenue twice – once when he doesn’t have to earn the income and again when he doesn’t have to spend the income.

    As far as the grass fed beef goes here in the big city if you want grass fed beef you are going to pay for it, in full, up front, in advance. You are going to either buy a half of a cow or a quarter of a cow. The farmer knows exactly how many cows he’s sold and for what price in advance. HE set’s the price and HE determines how many cows he will grow.

    You are so right about job instability. Everyday I see 40 something corporate types who’ve sat in their cubicles for 15 years and are counting on coasting to a comfortable retirement suddenly find their jobs eliminated. Their skills are ten years out of date and there’s no comfy, corporate jobs to be had. They don’t have a fallback skill such as welding, carpentry or anything else. The ones who didn’t get fired are scared stiff and desperate.

    This was a great episode Clint. I truly appreciate what you’re doing.

    If anyone wants to learn more about my philosophy of trapping for food they can go to YouTube and search for me.

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