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This is the first day Trapping Radio 2.0 is live. we still have the old Trapping Radio up so you can go back and listen to all 87 radio shows.

talk to me, don’t be shy

If you are having any problems with our new site let us know with a comment below. The player and whole site is up to date, modern and phone friendly. If you are having a problem listening to the site, we might not know it. So if you don’t let us know, we wont know to look for a fix.


Clint Locklear


  1. Clint – I am unable to figure out how to download the radio shows so I can listen to them later. I have downloaded all the shows off of the old site and listen to them in the truck – but for some reason it will not allow me to do that on this site.

    Thanks for all the information you share!

    Matt Rioux
    Topeka Kansas

  2. Hello Clint!

    I have been a listener for almost a year now, and I have most of the radio shows downloaded and I listen to them in the truck. with the new site and format, I cant figure out how to download the radio shows as it is different now than the old site.

    I love the show as there is nothing better to get you fired up to string steel than listening to people talk about it. I’ve learned alot as well. Keep up the good work!

  3. Clint,
    Love the new site. Thanks for all you do for us trappers. Can we download the shows like before on the old site? I have been burning them and listening in the truck. Again, thanks a bunch.


  4. Great site Clint! It really looks nice.

    If you want my opinion, I’d close off the old site and produce a CD with all the old episodes on it and put it up for sale.

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