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Trapping Radio 249, creative way to trap coyote, fox, bobcats to beaver, hog poison, goal trappers mindset

This week on Trapping radio we look at using catch dirt to turn on on other set and catching more animals.  You can use this to catch coyotes, fox, bobcats, beaver, otter and raccoon. A cheap way to get the […]

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Trapping Radio 214, crushing it on the long line is not for the mental weak or unmotivated!

Trapping Radio 214     Guys, the educational video site is up, if you want to learn what I know, no holds bar! go to You can save $577.00 and see all my videos..uncut..for less than $10.00 each by […]

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Trapping Radio – 97- The True Secret of trapping, traps, snares and numbers trapping This week on Trapping Radio we are going to get into the true secret of trapping better than you are right now. You may be thinking it is a trapping location, a certain set, magic lure or bait or the […]

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