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Trapping Radio 384, understanding coyotes for a trapper, same game as the Romans today with name calling and changing history

To catch and trap coyotes, you must know the coyote on more than in just a dirt hole way. Trappers have to learn everything about a coyote to really be good a coyote trapping. Today the right is called everything […]

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Trapping radio 351, smart trappers know they don’t know

Confused? You, me, them never know the right answer. No problem. Trapping is build of guessing and experience, NO RIGHT ANSWER! This should be freeing to you baker trappers out their.. I will explain this next just relax and […]

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Rant of a Free Trapper 68, Why we prep for survival the way we do or don’t do.

Why to survivalist prep? Why would an individual prep in a certain way? From fear or from freedom mindsets. I think your genetic history and history of you forefathers of geographical locations has more to due with how and why […]

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Trapping Radio 253, how to trap eastern bobcats in mountains, woods and timber, also screen vs big pans

This week on Trapping Radio we get into how to trap and catch bobcats in the East, deep woods, big timber, no crops and mountains. Most books and bobcat videos are based on western areas, no problem there till you […]

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Trapping Radio 241, how to store fur from trapping and snaring, thoughts on snaring and killpole

Trapping Radio 241     This week on Trapping Radio we look into how to store fur for shot term and long term storage.  Plus we will get into why a trapper would want to store fur, in the freezer […]

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Trapping Radio 211, how to trap coyotes Q&A at Fur Takers convetion in Kansas

Trapping Radio 210     Guys, the educational video site is up, if you want to learn what I know, no holds bar! go to You can save $577.00 and see all my videos..uncut..for less than $10.00 each by […]

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