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Rant of a Free Trapping 55, camouflage in a different way, business course response

Camouflage is blending in to the environment right, not always. Then I explain the business course to a gentleman that is looking to take the course. DO YOU DEER, HOG OR BEAR HUNT? if so Funke Trap tags has our […]

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Clint Locklear’s Business Course getting ready to start, what is in the course

If you are not part of this course and want to know what is in it, more importantly why should  you care. Below are not all, but some of the topics and lessons you can expect to learn by taking […]

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Trapping Radio 176, Iron Curtain update,over trapping coyote, Red Fox and Grey Fox, how to set traps in frozen ground

Trapping Radio 176       This week on Trapping Radio we have an Iron Curtain update, I have 59 units only. This is for Trapping Radio listeners only. I have not told any one else I have some ready […]

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