Rants of a Free Trapper 4, Is Russia a bad country and the power of About Face


rant of free trapper 4


is Russia a bad evil country or is the just the government? Why do we clump the two groups together, the people and the Russian government. Something to think about, if we separate the two out, maybe the world views change a little, The same for us, why to we say …our country…if we are talking about politicians? Then the crazy power of the command, About Face!

Something new I will be doing from time to time, The Rant of a Free Trapper. This is just some of my thoughts, not so much about trapping per say, but as you know, trapping is a part of me so it will come out. These shows are more about critical thinking, business, health, money, politics, philosophy and odd ball things that I think about. Please note that this is not a safe space for mental weakness or ego. Hope you enjoy.

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