Rant of a Free Trapping 21, Are we a nation of beggars or do we still have the original American DNA in us!


Has America turned into a nation of beggars? Do we still have the American DNA in us as a nation or have we lost it. In 1999 we had 631,000 non profit groups in America. In 2016 we had over 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the U.S. that is about 75 million people in America that ask for handouts. That is about 1 in four people that ask for donations for a living. Good grief! 5.37% of or nation GDP goes to non-profits, that’s 1.74 trillion. No this is not individuals that always have their hands out for something free. What has happened to us?

rant of a free trapper 21

Something new I will be doing from time to time, The Rant of a Free Trapper. This is just some of my thoughts, not so much about trapping per say, but as you know, trapping is a part of me so it will come out. These shows are more about critical thinking, business, health, money, politics, philosophy and odd ball things that I think about. Please note that this is not a safe space for mental weakness or ego. Hope you enjoy.

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