Rant of A Free Trapper 18, why are we trying to screw up the kids, Alabama?


Garden dale Alabama has lost their ever loving minds. The politicians have decided to be dirt bags to kids that are trying to make some summer income, but oh no, they have to buy a $110.00 license. No that is not a type’O, these slimy politicians want their cut. I mean we can’t have kids doing yard work and not giving homage to the government cartel. No doubt, the adult landscapers went crying to the government because some kid took a job away from them. Since these adults are afraid to compete with children, they run to big daddy government to get protection. Now, the bigger question is why we have not seen a lock down from parents at the government building? until we Americans stop putting up with this nonsense, we get the slim we deserve.

rant of free trapper 18

Something new I will be doing from time to time, The Rant of a Free Trapper. This is just some of my thoughts, not so much about trapping per say, but as you know, trapping is a part of me so it will come out. These shows are more about critical thinking, business, health, money, politics, philosophy and odd ball things that I think about. Please note that this is not a safe space for mental weakness or ego. Hope you enjoy.





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