MTR 115 – How to Poach Deer


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Guy’s this is Clint Locklear, not Meat Trapper, giving a explanation of tonight’s show. As you can see from the title, it is about poaching deer. The reason I feel the need to add my two cents into the show notes is for a few reasons. One, in today’s world where everyone is addicted to outrage. It seems like most of America want to find something to bitch about just to sling some manufactured virtue signaling around like a priest. And we all down deep know what someone is that is always bitching, they are a …….

Sooooo, Tim goes into survival trapping and hunting, I do it occasionally myself. Our day to day life’s in America is not a zombie apocalypse, but understanding survival and prepping is a real skill that maybe needed one day, let’s hope not! Saying that, survival is a skill that hopefully is not all theoretical. For it not to be theoretical, practical experience is better to learn from. I have said many times that snaring deer is not hard. How do I know this, I have learned from my own snare line how to avoid deer. So if I can avoid snaring deer, I can reverse avoiding deer to catch them. This is very different that the so called survival experts that have never snare anything but a mouse, much less a coyote or avoids catching deer, that preach from the expert pulpit on how to snare deer. Saying that, if you every had to hunt deer in a survival situation and you have to do it quietly, who better to learn from than a poacher. Who has the real experience, the Monday  morning TV survival expert or a man that has poached and did not get caught. I know some guys will get upset with anyone that says they have poached. Unless you know all the details of a mans life, don’t act like you do.

I do not condone poaching, let me make that clear. For most of us, we can hunt and trap enough to meet our needs well withing the laws. We can freeze, dry and can more meat in most states that we need. So stay with in the law, plan ahead and stay out of trouble. I feel Barry made this clear, but since we as people today want to judge and convict everyone but ourselves, I wanted to be crystal clear that we are not saying poaching and breaking the law is what we are condoning. Take this show for what it is, an education that we hope no one ever has to put to practice.

In this episode guest host, Barry Holland, talks about how and why you might need to one day poach deer – and if so, how to stay out of jail while feeding your family!

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