How Coyote Claymore lure/bait combo can save some trappers some real money


How Coyote Claymore trapping lure/bait combo can save some trappers some real money. Totally new product for trapping. If you are running 5-10 sets for coyotes or trying to save your chickens, ducks or livestock, Coyote Claymore is a great solution for you. This will save you $19.00 over buying a full Federales predator bait, Boss Dog coyote lure and a coyote gland lure. This is Clint’s go to combination when he goes out to set coyote traps. If you buy each product separate, the total cost is $48, but the pre-mixed and pre-measured Coyote Claymore #1 only cost $29.00, not $48.00. It comes with a spoon that shows you how much Coyote Claymore to use at a set. You will get on average 50 sets to a 16 oz jar.


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