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Trapping Radio 246, best trap size for coyotes and fox, Jeff Dunlap’s fur report and raccoon and truffles

This week on Trapping Radio, we cover all kinds of trapping topics. What is the best size traps for coyotes and fox if you have them on the same trap line? Jeff Dunlap gives us another real world fur report. […]

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Fur Report, prices, money and advice from Jeff Dunlap, the Death Dealer himself, 2

fur prices market             The fur report with real prices is brought to you from Jeff Dunlap from Dunlap Lures.  He covers three fur auctions. One is New York, then Michigan and Arkansas. Jeff also […]

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Trapping Radio 239, fur prices report from Jeff Dunlap, Blocking traps while trapping coyotes, bobcats, fox, raccoon and more!

Trapping Radio 239     Guys, the educational video site is up, if you want to learn what I know, no holds bar! go to www.howtotrapit.com You can save $577.00 and see all my videos..uncut..for less than $10.00 each by […]

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