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Man strong Podcast 60, It could NEVER happen in America, Really?

This week on Man Strong Podcast we have heard this all our life, That will never happen in America. Wake the freak up men! The mess we are in is because we let the crazy ones talk and we just […]

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MTR 212 – Decay and Purpose If you are interested in accessing archived and new bonus content not available anywhere else, consider becoming a MeatTrapper Patreon supporter at Patreon To get all the details on this checkout my video explaining everything at YouTube In this […]

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Trapping Radio Podcast 404, snares, snaring to catch anything. The ins and outs with details. Why snares are so simple and effective.

This week on Trapping Radio podcast we go deep into snares. How to set snare to catch. Snare loop sizes for coyotes, bobcats, fox, raccoons, muskrats, beaver and otter. Snares are easy to set and use because they are so […]

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