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MTR 188 – Hot Tent Camping If you are interested in accessing archived and new bonus content not available anywhere else, consider becoming a MeatTrapper Patreon supporter at Patreon To get all the details on this checkout my video explaining everything at YouTube In this […]

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Trapping Radio podcast 382, Trapping Mafia round table while trapping, Clint and Jeff trapping school

While on a trapping adventure, Trapping Mafia has a round table talking about what it is like as we trap together. As you will hear, we have fun while we stack up the fur. Then Jeff Dunlap and Clint Locklear […]

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Man Strong podcast 37, real men act like ants not lazy boys.

Ants are an amazing role model for real men today. Ants are like strong men not weak lazy boys that sleep to much and play video games like it is a full time job. Funke Trap Tag & Supplies […]

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