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Trapping Radio 373, Costa Rica, picking better traps for you, river trapping from muskrats to coyotes

Just got back from Costa Rica, interesting tax lessons. Then we look at traps, some get better results in different areas in different soil types. We end the show with river trapping from a boat. Why, because river trapping is […]

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Man Strong Podcast 29, messaging, and building real life power in strength

A real man has to think for himself. Which means he can listen to messaging and not follow the tribe because the tribe says what is the truth. Then we look at building power in your training, by lifting in […]

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MTR 177 Trapping Trip Camping Gear and Sets If you are interested in accessing archived and new bonus content not available anywhere else, consider becoming a MeatTrapper Patreon supporter at Patreon To get all the details on this checkout my video explaining everything at YouTube In this […]

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