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Trapping Radio 319, coyote life cycle, size of coyote territory and how to bring a product or sell idea to trapping industry

What is the life cycle of a coyote family group? What is the size of a coyote territory? Let’s look at this from a practical manner that is helpful to a trapper or a snare man. I get this question […]

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Rant of a Free Trapper 75, Is there a natural base line in humans for health, an example?

Crazy question to think about, is there an example of a natural human base line? What is we should be 6 inch taller, more muscle, stronger bones, stronger tendons, no cavities, no degenerative diseases and a brain that on average […]

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MTR 118 – Hog Trapping, Savage War

This episode has been archived to Patreon If you are interested in accessing archived and new bonus content not available anywhere else, consider becoming a MeatTrapper Patreon supporter at Patreon To get all the details on this checkout my video […]

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