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MeatTrapper Radio Episode 88 – Filthy Food Supply

This episode has been archived to Patreon If you are interested in accessing archived and new bonus content not available anywhere else, consider becoming a MeatTrapper Patreon supporter at Patreon To get all the details on this checkout my video […]

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Trapping Radio 290, coyote trapping, dog proof raccoon trapping, T-bone and Skull flat set, coyote scat uses

Predator Control Group new deer, hog and bear lure scents will be first available to smell and see form HILLTOP OUTDOORS this weekend at the Iowa Deer Classic. So if your into hunting, check them out. We put our lure […]

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Rant of a free trapper 48, sheep dogs do not listen to the sheep! or let the sheep tell them what to do!

Gun control is the phrase of the week. So who are we as a county listening too? the Tide pod eating youth. You know the ones that have never had bills, a job or not lived out side of the […]

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