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Rant of a Free Trapper 20, Liberals have lost their minds, why, what is it leading too.

Why are the Liberals loosing their minds. Why is this, it is not complicated once you get to the root of their mindset. Will this craziness lead to a conflict with us. I don’t know but there is only three […]

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Hunting, Fishing and Trapping podcast 8, Hunting monster 10 point deer in Mississippi with Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson on a hunt with Chip Davis for a monster 10 point deer in the delta in Mississippi. The weapon was a 308 Scout Rifle, location is a box blind and the reaction was a lot of adrenaline. hunting […]

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MeatTrapper Radio Episode 55 – Independence Day Thoughts, Slat Traps and Gill Nets

This show is archived at Patreon. In this episode I reflect on the true meaning of Independence Day, the state of our nation, and then talk about catfish slat traps, hoop nets and gill nets. Here’s a link to my […]

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