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MeatTrapper Radio Episode 51 – Keep Snaring (And Life) Simple

This show is archived at Patreon. In this episode I talk about keeping snaring, trapping and life in general simple and why that is important. If you are interested in more, you can visit my website at . You […]

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Trapping Radio 254, Jeff Dunlap on how to trap on ice and deep snow for coyotes, bobcats and fox

This week on Trapping radio, Jeff Dunlap explains how to trap and catch coyotes, bobcats and fox on the ice of rivers, ponds and bogs. What is the best set to use for coyotes, bobcats and fox on the ice […]

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Rant of a Free Trapper 17, new ice age then global warming to now climate change, oh my!

Global warming or now climate change, which a few decades ago was the coming ice age and acid rain and the ozone Apocalypse is over the top. Do I think man can and is changing the local climate in parts […]

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